Using Windows 8

The Basics

Five Must-Know's for Windows 8

1. Just Type!

From the Start Screen just type the program, app, file, or setting you need to access. The start menu will instantly search for what you're looking for.

2. Getting to Your Old Desktop

When Windows 8 opens, you are placed in the Modern Desktop filled with cool Live Tiles. To get back to the Classic Desktop, find the Desktop Live Tile and click it. You can also use the Windows + D keystroke.

3. Find the Hot Corners

From the Classic Desktop, you access Windows 8 features from the corners. The bottom left corner can open the Start Screen, top and bottom right corners open the Charms bar.

4. Open the File Explorer

From the Classic Desktop, you access Windows file explorer by using the Windows + E keystroke.

5. How to Shut Down

From either the Classic Desktop or the Start Screen, go to the bottom right corner, open the Charms, select Settings, and choose Power.

How to Restore the Start Menu?

Want the old start menu back? Just download Viva Start Menu for free to restore your start menu and add a shortcut to the new Modern Desktop and aka Start Screen.

Using Windows 8